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Area :20,189.0000 Has.
Population : 18,392 as of 2015 (Source: Philippine Statistics Authority)


The town of Del Carmen is one of the oldest settlements founded by the Spaniards in the cluster of islands in the Pacific Ocean east of Surigao del Norte known as Siargao.

Early records of missionaries dating to 1571, or barely 50 years after the discovery of the Philippines, refer to the place as Caolo (derived according to oral history from the word colo or Kolo which is the native name for bread fruit, thus, Caolo means land of bread fruits) and Read more…

The Annual Bakhaw Festival and the Fiesta Celebration are done in honor of Our Lady of Mount Carmel for all the blessing that the Del Carmenons have received. It  is also an effective way of reminding the people of the importance of Mangrove, of Family, and of Faith in our lives.


  1. Office of the Mayor #: 0908 894 5609
  2. Tourism Center #: 09128211756
  3. PNP Hotline #: 09985555700
  4. BFP Hotline #: 09479917188
  5. RMG Hotline #: 09216446554

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